Thanks for the writeup, going through Crypto Zombies now. On my journey to Blockchain dev.

So angular just magically integrates with postcss here? I think you're missing a step or two, also the tailwind config setup is outdated. Thanks for the first part though, definitely helpful

Using Typescript makes a world of a difference for us.

The code formatting for this is pretty difficult to read.

So is the only way to use understrap now through a paid purchase? Also will Bootstrap 5 be integrated?

Nodemon is great, first time coming across concurrently. I'll definitely be checking it out, thanks!

I think the thought process on all these custom html tags and new native tags is completely backwards. Everything can and should just be a simple div. This eliminates the mental overhead and inconsistencies in the community of when to use what, just use divs plain and simple. Don't worry about whether that should be a head tag, an article, an aside a section.... on and on and on, just make it a div and move on. The great thing is a div is a blank canvas and can be anything, your CSS should be the source of truth for your stylings, not some element inconsistently and natively styled by browsers. Your developer experience and productivity will thank you.

Agreed, just break out business logic into small limited responsibility functions and unit test those functions. If those functions pass testing then the rest of the app should run; aside from connection issues to databases, services, 3rd party APIs etc. Also you have to write the code first to be able to create these type of functions, it makes 0 sense to try to write unit test for code that doesn't exist.

The Silver Beard

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